Glaze Set: Cory's Weird

Adding cobalt and titanium to the Cory's Weird Set

Corner C Base Glaze:

27% Neph. Sy.
27% Whiting
11% Talc
35% Bone Ash
Tile a (left hand side) has 2% cobalt carbonate and 6% titanium dioxide in each glaze.
Tile b has 2% cobalt carbonate added to each glaze.

To obtain all the recipes for each set, input the appropriate figures shown above into the Calculation Page.

In these 2 tiles only every second row of glaze numbers is used, i.e. 1-5, 11-15, 21-25, 31-35. (The glazes are also smeared thinly onto the compartment above.) Glaze No. 1 is in the top left corner of each tile. The rest of the glazes are numbered as laid out in the Grid Layout Diagram.

Clay Body: Walker's 5A Dark Stoneware

Firing: Cone 11 Oxidation in small gas fired fibre kiln. Soaked at top temperature about 1 hour. Fired down in oxidation taking about 2 hours from top to 1000 deg. C.

Photo Size and Colour: Magnified slightly over X2 when viewed in Netscape Navigator - see the inches scale at the bottom of the picture. Standard colours are shown along the top. The first three colour patches from the left are 100% yellow, magenta and cyan.

Photo by Ian Currie